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100% natural

Revitalising Solution


For Females Who Want Thick Lush Brows


​Eye Brows are the beauty obsession of the decade. Some like them dramatic, some straighter, some thick lush ones and some prefer a soft fluid look. Eyebrows have surely achieved a new level of visibility and interest. Instagram posts with #brows run in millions, while there are countless tutorials on YouTube on how to get your brows right. One particular tutorial, by a well-known makeup artist, suggests that you need at least an hour to get your eyebrows perfect. The obsession of brows can be explained by the fact that most young women have a brow icon.


PÉRGATIS BROWS is for females who want thick lush brows, suffer from gaps in their brows and/or are experiencing general thinning. The product is a combination of 100% natural, time-tested ingredients that are carefully put together to form a revitalising solution that strengthens and thicken brows. Taking its roots from Ayurverda, a drop of PÉRGATIS BROWS is applied to each brow and left in to to absorb for about 4 hours or more.


*The $ price is an approximation. The actual price charged by your bank/credit card company may differ depending on the exchange rate on the transaction date.

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