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100% natural

Relaxing Sleep Experience


Get a great night's sleep today for ONLY £36 a bottle


While most people suffer occasional sleep issues that get fixed on their own, nearly a third of population suffers from sleep problems that bother them longer term. A recent survey in the UK on sleep habits found that 30% of the population is sleep deprived, which comes with its own risks of other associated issues. Most people use medication to sleep better while many prefer to use more natural remedies.


Essential oils are extracted from plants and have the ability to calm and relax the mind and body. Essential oils are 100% natural and don’t result in common side effects associated with many sleep medications.


PÉRGATIS RELAX is a blend of essential oils that is applied on the big toe for rapid absorption. One drop under each big toe before going to sleep helps deliver a restful and relaxing sleep experience.


*The $ price is an approximation. The actual price charged by your bank/credit card company may differ depending on the exchange rate on the transaction date.

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